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Mike Tran

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  • Black Belt 3rd Degree

Dive into the World of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with Renowned Professor Mike Tran, PhD at Calvert MMA®

Unearth the deep essence of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu alongside Professor Mike Tran, PhD, an iconic figure at Calvert MMA® and Lineage BJJ®. Blending unparalleled martial prowess with intellectual depth, Mike, a PhD in Microbiology, exhibits that mastery can span multiple disciplines.

With a martial arts saga spanning nearly three decades, Mike's path has crossed through esteemed establishments like Three Rivers Martial Arts in Kentucky and further took him on explorations across California, Tennessee, Canada, and Colorado. Such a diverse trek eventually led him to his treasured place within Calvert MMA® and Lineage BJJ®, where he proudly wears his Black Belt.

Why was Mike so enchanted by BJJ? Inspired by the Gracie family's monumental feats, he recognized BJJ as a perfect amalgamation of cognitive strategy and physical prowess. For him, BJJ was never just a sport; it became a life's mission, an art calling him to decode its depths and intricacies.

Not just a conventional teacher, Professor Mike Tran, PhD is an innovator. He has curated a teaching style rooted in "equation and formula", empowering Calvert MMA® and Lineage BJJ® students to tailor BJJ techniques to resonate with their individual physiques and potentials. Training with Mike isn't merely practice; it's a tailored educational journey.

And for the younger martial enthusiasts? Mike crafts a joyous and engaging atmosphere for children, merging structured learning with the pure thrill of the sport, ensuring they build a strong foundation for their martial arts journey.

While his competitive days might be behind him, Mike's zeal for BJJ stands strong and unwavering. At the heart of Calvert MMA® and Lineage BJJ®, he aims to create an atmosphere deeply rooted in support, family-centric values, and genuine fellowship. Emphasizing the core principles of self-defense and BJJ's transformative qualities, he invites you to delve deep into the martial arts realm.

Ready to redefine your limits and tap into a world that transcends mere physicality? Step onto the mats with Professor Mike Tran, PhD at Calvert MMA® and Lineage BJJ®. Immerse yourself under the guidance of a seasoned mentor, feel the sheer intensity of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and integrate into a community bound by shared zeal and excellence. With Mike leading the way, every BJJ session is not just a lesson—it’s a bond, a commitment, and an utterly transformative voyage.