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Kim Breedlove

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Introducing Kim: The Vibrant New Program Manager at Lineage BJJ® Calvert

We're thrilled to spotlight Kim, the latest addition to our team at Calvert MMA®, home to Lineage BJJ® Calvert. Kim's journey is a beacon of entrepreneurial spirit and community engagement, making her an ideal fit for our vibrant martial arts family in Calvert County.

Born and raised in Calvert County, Kim's story is deeply interwoven with the community that Calvert MMA® and Lineage BJJ® Calvert proudly serve. Her extensive background in marketing and business development is marked by the successful creation and management of two dynamic businesses, reflecting her innate ability to lead and innovate.

Kim's professional journey took flight at Southern Maryland Hospital, where she was instrumental in community outreach as part of the marketing team and served as a Community Health Clinician. This role not only honed her skills in building community connections but also underscored her commitment to service—a value that resonates with our mission at Calvert MMA® and Lineage BJJ® Calvert.

Transitioning from healthcare to entrepreneurship, Kim embraced motherhood and homemaking before launching a celebrated wedding and event company in 2007. Her venture into the travel industry in 2012 further showcased her entrepreneurial flair, retiring her event company to focus on her thriving travel agency. Kim's deep-rooted connections within the local business landscape are a testament to her collaborative spirit and business acumen.

At Calvert MMA® and Lineage BJJ® Calvert, we see Kim's arrival as a pivotal moment. Her expertise in fostering growth and community engagement aligns perfectly with our ethos. Kim's passion for fitness, love for the outdoors, and dedication to family life enrich our academy's culture, promising a holistic approach to growth, both on and off the mats.

In her downtime, Kim finds joy in the company of her family and her beloved dog, embracing the great outdoors through camping and fitness pursuits with friends and loved ones. Her infectious enthusiasm and unwavering dedication are set to infuse our academy with renewed energy and vision.

Please join us in extending a heartfelt welcome to Kim, our new Program Manager at Lineage BJJ® Calvert. We are excited for the journey ahead and confident that Kim's leadership will usher in a new era of success and community for Calvert MMA® and Lineage BJJ® Calvert.

Welcome aboard, Kim! Your journey inspires us, and we eagerly anticipate the positive impact you will bring to our Lineage BJJ® family in Calvert County.