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Kevin Southworth

Kevin Southworth photo Kevin Southworth
  • Brown Belt 3 Stripe

Discover Coach Kevin Southworth: A Guiding Light at Lineage BJJ® and Guest Instructor at Calvert MMA®

Introducing Coach Kevin Southworth, the dynamic nucleus of Lineage BJJ® Saint Mary's. Kevin represents more than just an instructor; he's the embodiment of passion and dedication to the art and sport of jiu-jitsu. His narrative is a testament to the transformative power of martial arts.

Kevin's initiation into martial arts traces back to 2017 at Calvert MMA®, where the seeds of his jiu-jitsu admiration were sown. Drawing from his high school years as a wrestler and a rugby enthusiast at Saint Mary's College of Maryland, Kevin seamlessly transitioned into the intricate world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The grappling techniques he had learned earlier enriched his jiu-jitsu experience, facilitating a deeper understanding.

Beyond college, Kevin found himself gravitating towards a discipline that not only honed his physicality but also nurtured his mind. His rigorous schedule, involving 6 to 7 intense training sessions weekly – at times even multiple in a day – showcased his unwavering dedication. Leveraging his athletic past and harmonizing it with steadfast strength training, Kevin's journey in jiu-jitsu was both swift and noteworthy.

However, jiu-jitsu wasn't merely a pastime. For Kevin, it transformed into a lifestyle, offering stability, resilience, and a platform to challenge himself. The bonds he formed along the way went beyond the typical definition of camaraderie, sculpting a cohesive, supportive community that stands the test of time.

Today, while Kevin is the anchor at Lineage BJJ® Saint Mary's, he also graces Calvert MMA® with his expertise as a guest instructor occasionally. His vast reservoir of knowledge, combined with an insatiable drive for jiu-jitsu, ignites a spark in every student he mentors. His mission of cultivating a nurturing, positive training ambiance establishes him as a cherished pillar within the Lineage BJJ® family.

Embark on a transformative jiu-jitsu journey at Lineage BJJ® Saint Mary's with Coach Kevin leading you. Dive deep into the enthralling realm of jiu-jitsu, tap into latent potentials, and immerse yourself in the unparalleled camaraderie the sport offers. With Lineage BJJ® and the occasional guidance at Calvert MMA®, Coach Kevin's steadfast support ensures you're in adept hands. The path to your evolution commences here.